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Tapparona Hazelnut

Tapparona Hazelnut
Tapparona Hazelnut
The Park local products
PAT - Traditional Agri-Foodstuffs

Production area
Valle Sturla and Val Carnella (GE)

  • Product features
    Cultivar of local origins, mainly cultivated in the north-eastern section of Valle Sturla (Val Carnella). Pollen-producing and luxuriant shrubby trees characterized by a rapid growth. Large foliage, patent branches, smooth bark with a brown-grayish color. Strong plant characterized by a constant production. High average weight of the hazelnuts, with and without the shell. Tapered shape, good yield without shell. The main cultivars used are Del Rosso (rounded fruit),Dall'orto (rounded fruit and thin shell), and Tapparona (tapered and flat fruit). The harvesting takes place manually. There are traditional professions linked to the hazelnut cultivation, for instance in Val Carnella, in the Municipality of Mezzanego, the traditional hazelnut necklaces (called reste) were created. The above-mentioned three varieties of hazelnuts represent, together with other varieties, the so-called Misto Chiavari (Chiavari Mix), consisting of: 55% Dall'Orto - 17% Del Rosso - 16% Tapparona -12% minor varieties. Hazelnuts are used to prepare several desserts and the hazelnut paste, creamy and with a delicate taste, ideal to season ravioli and various kinds of pasta.
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