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Goat's Milk Cheese of Sopralacroce

Goat's Milk Cheese of Sopralacroce
Goat's Milk Cheese of Sopralacroce

Production area:
Sopralacroce (Valle Sturla)

Product features: it has a cylindrical shape with convex lateral side and flat upper and lower sides, height of about 6-10 cm and diameter from 15 to 20-25cm. Ready for consumption after 3-4 months of maturation until the 8 months. The rind is thick, with a color going from ivory to brown. It has a soft consistency, more compact than fresh goat's milk cheese, with a white texture inside and a straw-yellow texture on the surface. The smell is intense and strong, characteristic of goat's milk cheese, and the taste is pleasantly acidulous.

  • Preparation: this kind of cheese is obtained from the processing of raw goat's milk or adding enzymes, preferably selected in the holding, or with starter culture. The enzyme is added when the milk reaches the 38°C: 30 minutes stop; the liquid rennet or kid rennet is added at the temperature of 38°C; the curd forms in 30 minutes; the curd is broken into corn or rice grain-sized pieces (for the longer maturation process); it is slowly heated up to a temperature of 42-43°C; the curd is extracted with baskets and then pressed; the rinds are turned over, more often during the first hour; they are manually salted or pickled.
The Producers
  U Pastine
Agricultural Holdings - Borzonasca (GE)

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