Varese (VA)

  • Masnago Castle - Contemporary Picture Gallery
    Via Monguelfo - Tel. +39 0332 820409
    Contemporary art gallery from the 20th century up to present times and Muel (electronic museum) to consult art archives from all over the world.

  • Villa Mirabello - Archaeological Museum
    Tel. +39 0332 281590
    Archaeological section structured according to didactic criteria, with finds coming from Isolino Virginia and Varese Lake; finds of the Golasecca culture, Roman section.

  • Russolo Foundation - Pratella
    Via Bagaini, 6 - Tel. +39 0332 237245
    Archives and tape library on Futurism and electronic music.

  • Villa Panza
    Piazza Litta - Tel. +39 02 467615
    Collection made of American art, Minimal Art works, environment art and Pop-Art.

  • Sala Veratti - Museum of Environment Art
    Via Veratti - Tel. +39 0332 281590
    Hall of the former monastery of Sant'Antonino with Baroque frescoes.

  • Sacred Way of the Sacred Mountain
    Via Assunzione, 45 - Tel. +39 0332 229223 (parish church)
    Itinerary in the open air with 14 chapels and sanctuary with statues and frescoes dating back to the 17th century.

  • Museum Pogliaghi
    Via Beata Giuliana, 3 - Tel. +39 0332 226040
    House-museum preserving archaeological finds, sculptures, and antiques.

  • Museum Baroffio
    Sacro Monte-Piazza Monastero - Tel. +39 0332 229223 - +39 0331 777472
    It preserves objects of the Sanctuary highlighting its importance in the religious history of Varesotto.

Cocquio Trevisago (VA)

  • Museum Salvini
    Via Salvini - Tel. +39 0332 602161
    House and mill where the painter Innocente Salvini lived and worked.

Gavirate (VA)

  • Museum of the Pipe
    Via Chiostro, 1/5 - Tel. +39 0332 743334
    Pipe collection unique in the world, with over 15,000 pieces and 3,000 books on the issue.

Induno Olona (VA)

  • Civico Museo Insubrico di Storia Naturale
    Piazza San Giovanni XXIII, 4 - Tel. +39 0332 840611
    Mineralogy, paleontology, zoology, and botany sections.

Cittadella di Scienze della Natura

"Cittadella di Scienze della Natura" is situated on the highest summit of Campo dei Fiori, Punta Paradiso, at 1,226 meters. The first nucleus dates back to 1956, while the whole structure was completed in 1963, after the donation Adele e Sai Vita, according to a project by G. Fornaroli and S. Furia, pioneer of the naturalism in the area of Varese. Sofia Stringher Zambeletti donated the forest areas, while the Municipality of Varese enriched it with further woodlands.
Today, "Cittadella" houses the Astronomic Observatory "G.V. Schiaparelli", the Pre-alpine Geophysical Center, with the weather stations and the Seismological Observatory, the Park "L. e M. Zambeletti", and the Botanic Gardens "R.Tomaselli", for the conservation of the flora of the Prealps of Lombardy. Technical and scientific support of the Gardens are provided by the Botany Study Center "Lombardia" and Serra fredda.
The structure is managed by volunteers and is open all the year round to visitors and groups of students. It forms a precious "database" for the scientific knowledge of the Park and of the environment in general.

Further information

R. Tomaselli Botanic Garden

R. Tomaselli Botanic Garden forms part of "Cittadella di Scienze della Natura" on the summit "Paradiso", where there are also the Astronomical Observatory "Schiaparelli", the Weather and Seismological Observatory, and the Pre-alpine Geophysical Center.

For information: Ruggero Tomaselli Botanic Garden, Tel. +39 0332 235491 - Fax +39 0332 237243 - E-mail:

Tours by Mountain Bike

Guardie Ecologiche Volontarie of Campo dei Fiori Regional Park invite mountain bike lovers to a series of guided tours within the Park territory.
The suggested itineraries - easy or of intermediate difficulty - will give the participants the opportunity to appreciate, with some effort, the artistic beauties of our territory.
The hikers will be led by the GEV, who will illustrate the characteristic features of each itinerary.

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