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Environmental Education Proposals for School Year 2022/2023

Like every year with the school start, environmental education activities by the Park Authority staff start up again, a subject that has become compulsory in recent years, becoming part of the school curriculum.
The protection and conservation of environmental resources is one of the primary tasks of a protected area, and education is one of the tools through which this is pursued. The importance of the environment for our survival and the fact that it depends on the conservation of biodiversity are topics that we should bring children closer to from an early age, if we want to change behaviour in pursuit of the objectives of real civilised and sustainable development.

Environmental education is transversal and concerns many areas of learning. Conveying scientific knowledge is essential, but it is necessary to do so by stimulating children's curiosity from an early age, through a playful methodology, and the activities proposed by the Park are calibrated on years of experimentation, with the aim of bringing students closer to the natural heritage surrounding them through direct experiences in the field, to create an emotional bond with the protected area, which facilitates responsible behaviour.

The projects are calibrated on two days: one in the classroom and one in the field. Methods and times will however be agreed with the teachers, based on their requests and needs.
It is important for young people to acquire an "affectively" positive relationship with nature, an awareness and the right sensitivity, capable of redefining a relationship that is often considered as conflictual in today's culture. Therefore, environmental education plays a key role of responsibility.

PDF Download the file with the proposals for the 2022/2023 school year

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Environmental Education Proposals for School Year 2022/2023
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