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Picnic Areas

The Park Authority offers to the visitors of the protected area some areas where they can rest and have a picnic. The areas are equipped with benches, little barbecues, information panels on the historical and natural features of the places. They are situated in particularly significant places, both for the view you can enjoy and for their naturalistic aspects.

  • Riva del Lago Albano Picnic Area
  • Via dei Laghi Picnic Area
  • Bosco Ferentano di Marino Picnic Area
  • Bosco di Lariano Picnic Area
  • Environmental Education area at Villa Barattolo, the Park Offices in Rocca di Papa

Riva del Lago Picnic Area

Situated on the shores of Lake Albano, in front of the emissary built by the Romans in the 4th century BC, this area is one of the most beautiful in the Park. During the winter, the lake surface is populated by a number of aquatic birds, such as the Mallard, the Great Crested Grebe, the Coot, and the Cormorant which during the spring migrate to the reproduction areas in northern Europe. If you want to go on a trip on the lake to admire the lacustrine vegetation, there is the possibility to rent a canoe or a pedalo. There are also toys for children.

Via dei Laghi Picnic Area

A wonderful and well-aired terrace on the lake allows the visitor to enjoy a unique view. It is a small rest area where it is possible to watch the flights of the Seagulls and of the Hunting Hawks. The lake shores are populated by thick woodlands of pubescent oak, maple, chestnut tree, hornbeam, hazel nut, holm oak, and laurel and offer a view of the different colors and shades of green, becoming particularly charming in autumn.

Bosco Ferentano Picnic Area

It is an ancient woodland of Castelli Romani representing one of the most significant evidences of the original mixed woodland. Imposing lindens, hedge maples, white hornbeams, and the underwood very rich in different shrubby and herbaceous elements, make this area one of the most interesting from a vegetational point of view. The picnic area, which is situated at the entrance of the woodland, is provided with tables, barbecue, and toys for children. Moreover, it is also possible to enter the woodland following a short path. The visitors are invited to respect the basic rules in order not to disturb the wildlife.

Lariano Picnic Area

This area is situated within a chestnut tree grove in the southern part of Colli Albani: here you can rest, have a picnic, enjoy the silence of the woodland, and go for charming and if you want long walks towards Mt. Artemisio. In the area there are a number of paths which allow you to reach particularly charming panoramic places, among which the climbing to Maschio dell'Ariano.

Villa Barattolo Educational Park and Recreational Area

The "educational park" consists of a nature trail equipped with didactic panels and stops, a wooden little house with the diorama of the wood and of its sounds, a didactic pond, aviaries for wounded birds of prey, and an area for the observation of wild birds. At the end of the trail visitors can use the recreational area with tables and benches to eat their packed lunch or to rest for a while.

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