Parco Archeologico Storico Naturale delle Chiese Rupestri del Materano
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Motorhome area
Motorhome area
Motorhome area
Motorhome area

Motorhome Area

In the panoramic area in front of the Sassi, essential lap during your visit to the town, Masseria Radogna is an isolated and silent place. The only sounds you can here are the bird singing during the day and crickets during the night.
Surrounded by wonderful dry-stone walls, almond trees, centuries-old olive trees and oaks, the Masseria offers an area for the stop of 40 motorhomes.
These are the services you will find, in a simple and homely atmosphere:

  • Water load and drain
  • Toilets
  • Picnic area with shady tables and a barbecue set
  • Adventure trail for children
  • Shuttle bus for the transfer to the town

Moreover, the following services are available:

  • Refreshment point and sale of local products
  • Guided visits to Murgia Materana Park
  • Tourist information on Basilicata and Apulia
  • Small guest house

Rates: Euros 10.00 per site/day
Special reductions for motorhome associations, meetings, weekends, meals, and guided visits.

Guided Visits

Itineraries with the Park Tour Guides with a regional qualification along the sheep tracks (the so-called "tratturi"), the trails crossing the plateau and descending towards the spectacular Gravina, entering the territory and finally reaching the rupestral churches and complexes, and the fortified "masserie" (farms).

  • In spring, nature walks among the one thousand blooms
  • Nature photography - The Park in a snapshot: with the camera to discover wonderful scenery in the protected area.
  • Bird watching - Looking for birds of prey and birds.
  • Mountain bike - Along the narrow trails linking the ancient "masserie" to the rupestral farms.

Rules for the Visit

The following rules regulate the behavior of Visitors in Murgia Materana Park.

Visitors must:

  1. Have the necessary documents on the itinerary they want to follow
  2. Wear adequate clothes
  3. Do not abandon the marked itineraries and follow the instructions on the signs or the instructions given by the Park staff
  4. Park exclusively in the areas reserved for this purpose
  5. Respect the silence and integrity of nature
  6. Ask for help to the staff authorized by the Park Authority

In the Park territory, the following actions are not allowed:

  1. Hunting, seizing, killing, and disturbing wildlife
  2. Picking up and/or damaging spontaneous flora
  3. Picking up mushrooms
  4. Damaging the frescoes of the rupestral churches, collecting or damaging fossil minerals, stone material, and archaeological finds
  5. Abandon waste
  6. Light fires
  7. Damaging rural structures
  8. Use motor vehicles in the Park, except for the authorized staff
  9. Bring dogs or other animals

Regulations of the guided tours in the Park (PDF - 146 Kb)

N.B. Over the 80% of the Park area is private property; please, avoid entering private properties without asking for the authorization.

Inform the competent authorities of emergencies, dangers, damages, inconveniences, and wrong behaviors by calling the following numbers:
- Murgia Materana Park Authority - Tel. +39 0835 336166
- National Forest Service - Emergencies 1515
- National Forest Service - Tel. +39 0835 385652 - 330300
- Fire Department - 115

Casualty Ward
- Matera - Tel. +39 0835 243212
- Montescaglioso (MT) - Tel. +39 0835 207127

Further information

The Park Tour Guides

If you want to carry out a guided tour in the Park, it is necessary to choose one of the suggested itineraries and directly contact a Tour Guide.

The Park Tour and Hiking Guides

For further information, please contact the Park Authority by calling the number +39 0835 336166 or via E-mail:

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