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Colfiorito Red Potato

Colfiorito Red Potato
PAT - Traditional Agri-Foodstuffs

Thanks to particular environmental features, the red potato has become a special product of the plateaus. It is very appreciated for its pulp, with is particular compact. It is ideal to prepare any kind of dish. However, it is particular adequate to prepare gnocchi with mutton sauce. It is ideal to fry, since its characteristic pulp gives the opportunity to obtain a crunchy and tasty dishes. Moreover, "potatoes under the ash" recall the dishes prepared by our grandmothers.

Every year, in August, in the territory of Colfiorito and Plestia the Red Potato Festival is held.

Recommended recipe

Potato gnocchi with mutton sauce
1 kilo potatoes
250 g flour
meat sauce (calf and pork) or mutton, grated pecorino cheese

Cook the gnocchi, add the mutton sauce, and spread with grated pecorino cheese.
Gnocchi can also be served without sauce, spread with grated truffle.

The Producers
  Az. Agr. Ronchetti Colfiorito
Agricultural Holdings - Colfiorito (PG)
  Fertitecnica snc
Agricultural Holdings - Colfiorito (PG)
  La Valletta snc
Agricultural Holdings - Colfiorito (PG)
  Oasi di Prosperi Silvana
Agricultural Holdings - Colfiorito (PG)
  Oasi Umbra di Ercolani Paolo
Agricultural Holdings - Colfiorito (PG)

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