Colfiorito Lentil

Using seed ecotypes of the same quality of Castelluccio di Norcia lentil and not needing parasiticides or herbicides, it is a top-quality organic product.
The lentil fields of Colfiorito and Annifo, between May and June, are coloured with the flowers of the weeds.

Recommended recipe

Stewed lentils
250 g of lentils
Half a glass of oil
2 onions
4 ripe red tomatoes
Salt, pepper

Prepare a mirepoix with oil, chopped celery, carrots and onions, pour the lentils soaked in just 10 minutes to free them from impurities and let them flavour.

Add the tomatoes previously peeled and removed from the seeds, salt and add pepper to taste. Cook for 15 minutes and cover with hot water, continuing cooking over moderate heat for about half an hour.

Serve when the cooking base has shrunk.

The Producers
Typology: Others
Locality: Colfiorito (PG)
Typology: Agricultural Holdings
Locality: Foligno (PG)
Typology: Agricultural Holdings
Locality: Serravalle di Chienti (MC)
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