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Environmental Education Program 2015/2016

The Colfiorito Park proposes the study of the protected areas' ecosystems for the schools of any grade, with the related analysis levels and the adequate interaction modalities.

The Park's activities aim at developing pupils' direct perception abilities and their observation and involvement skills, trying to stimulate a reflection on environment and on the interaction between human beings and environment.
The territory is used as a teaching and learning place that can stimulate the ability to observe the natural phenomena.

The activities include guided visits discovering the natural and environmental aspects of the Colfiorito uplands' main wetland and of the surrounding areas.

The outdoor activities are concluded at the Park's head office with didactic workshops and in-depth analyses at the Nature Museum.

The swamp itinerary allows visitors to observe the flora and the fauna of a wet environment. The sinkhole by the Molinaccio makes it possible to increase one's knowledge regarding the area's geomorphology, the karst phenomena and the interaction between man and territory. Climbing to the Castelliere di Cassicchio one can explore the swamp life through birdwatching.

The Castelliere Itinerary of Mount Orve, having a historical and archaeological value, also gives the opportunity to enter different environments, such a the natural wood, the reforestations, the Plestini uplands, the mountain grasslands, the swamp sand the cultivated areas.

The activities can be completed with the workshop entitled "Il campo di Colfiorito: un mondo parallelo"

For information and bookings: +39 075 5763020-5763053 -

It is  furthermore possible to visit:

  • The Basilica of S. Maria di Plestia and the Archaeological Museum of Colfiorito
    For information and bookings: +39 0742 691198 - 330584 -
  • The Botte dei Varano, the Condotto Romano and the Paleontological Museum of Serravalle di Chienti
    For infomration and bookings +39 339 6372705 - +39 329 9785199 

For further information: Operational Office, Corso Cavour, 137 - 06034 Foligno (Pg) Ph. +39 0742 350129 Fax +39 0742 343804  Park's head office: Via Adriatica (the former Casermette) 06034 Colfiorito (Pg) Ph. and Fax +39 0742 681011 E-mail: - website:


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Environmental didactics - children at the nursery school
Environmental didactics - children at the nursery school
Towards Mount Orve
Towards Mount Orve
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