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Protected Area

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  • Land Surface Area (ha): 338,00
  • Lower altitude (m): 750
  • Higher altitude (m): 926
  • Regions: Umbria
  • Provinces: Perugia
  • Municipalities: Foligno
  • Establishment Measures: LR 9 3/03/1995
  • PA Official List: EUAP0233


The swamp
Gray Heron


The Park is situated in the middle-western section of the Apennines, inside a huge karstic tectonic plain between Umbria and the Marches and called Altipiani di Colfiorito.
The plateau consists of seven basins which were once ancient lake basins, partially drained by a natural process and partially by man.
The Marsh of Colforito is the most important entity of this particular phenomenon: it is round, it has a surface of about 100 hectares, and a thick aquatic vegetation. The Marsh has been declared of international interest by the Ramsar Convention for the features of its peat bog, for its richness in vegetable species, and as an excellent habitat for the birds.

The system of plateaus is enclosed by the calcareous ridges, divided by hill systems. Altipiani di Colfiorito mark a great change in the landscape which from steep and harsh becomes sweet and undulating.
Around the karstic plains at the summit of the hills, there are the so-called "castellieri", characteristic settlements of the 10th century BC up to the Roman conquest. Among the "castellieri" of the Park there is the one of Mt. Orve and, besides the town of Colfiorito, the ruins of the ancient town of Plestia are situated within the Protected Area. The territory of the plateaus is not only exploited for the traditional cereal and fodder cultivations, but also for lentils and red potatoes. In the area there are about 5,000 inhabitants. Moreover, in the Park territory there are also cheese factories which transform the local milk into high quality cheese and ricotta. The urban center of Colfiorito offers several structures dedicated to entertainment and tourism.

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