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The whole plateau complex can be considered a mostly unexplored reservoir to carry out research activities on vegetation through the study of the pollen: of particular importance, the phytosociological study of Colfiorito Marsh.
The system of the so-called "castellieri", and in particular the one of Mt. Orve, is another important field of archaeological-paleontological research which can also contribute to establish the links between the lost and the most recent vegetal landscapes and their relationship with the human presence.
Colfiorito is situated in the heart of an interesting prehistorical itinerary system. Among the itineraries, Spina road towards Spoleto, Via Plestina towards Topino valley and Forum Flaminii, and the itinerary along Menotre valley.
Last but not least, "Sentiero Italia" goes from the nearby Mt. Pennino across Colfiorito to Mt. Tolagna and this stretch is characterized by interesting scientific and cultural features.

Trail along the marsh
Trail along the marsh

The Park Tour Guides

For the visitors who are interested in exploring and discovering the environmental features of Colfiorito Park, we provide the list complete with telephone numbers of the hiking and environmental tour guides authorized by Regione Umbria to provide this service.

Hiking and Environmental Tour Guides

The Park Naturalistic Museum

Archaeological Museum (MAC)

Colfiorito Park's headquarters

Operational office

Western Marsh Harrier (Circus aeruginosus) nose diving above Croce di Cassicchio
Western Marsh Harrier (Circus aeruginosus) nose diving above Croce di Cassicchio

Birdwatching and nature photography

The whole Park area is an ideal place to observe nature. Some points are particularly recommended: the naturalistic observatory - situated in the middle of the western bank of the marsh, which is accessible - and the localities of Croce Cassicchio, Fonte Fontaccia and Fagiolaro.
The best seasons to observe the lively population of the marsh are spring and autumn, even better in the early morning.

LIPU Ornithological Station for bird ringing

Despite its small surface the Colfiorito Park shows a very significant species-richness (biodiversity). The bird species have a high conservation value, and they are included both in the national Red List and in the EEC "Birds" Directive). Of some of these species the Park hosts a big part of the whole regional population (for instance the Bearded Reedling, the Western Marsh Harrier, the Grey Heron) or even of the national population (Eurasian Bittern).
The main research activities carried out in Colfiorito together with the Province of Perugia are the following ones:
Census of the overwintering water birds (Program IWC, since 1991)
"Quality" surveys (Check List) (since 2005)
Observation and listening stations (Annual cycle: October 2008 - September 2009)
Bird ringing through constant effort captures, PR.I.S.CO project: a bird ringing program coordinated by ISPRA - Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale (Higher Institute for the Environmental Protection and Research).
In Colfiorito the bird ringing campaign has been carried out since 2005 during the period between May and August, when the birds breed. Its implementation concerns the nesting passeriformes and it supplies data on the population dimension, the reproductive success, the death or survival rate of the young birds.
The bird ringing is carried out for scientific purpose: the birds are captured and marked with a ring around their legs, then they are released again.
The project is useful to control the protected birds and to adopt the conservation measures provided by the management programs of the Special Protection Area within the Park's territory.

Guided visits to the Park

In order to officialize and plan the visits as better as possible, we put at your disposal in the Environmental Education dedicated page a form that you must fill and send back to the Colfiorito Park Service at the specified contacts. 

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