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Quarry of Mt. Croce

Quarry of Monte Croce - Battaglia Terme
Quarry of Monte Croce - Battaglia Terme

The quarry of Mt. Croce, which is no longer in use and has been environmentally restored by Colli Euganei Regional Park, is one of the most interesting sites for the geological phenomena that can be observed there. Walking in the quarry, it is possible to observe the volcanic rock (latite) wall from many different angles, thanks to the excavations made during the quarrying activity. The lower part shows an example of columnar jointing, i.e. the splitting of the rock body in regularly-shaped prisms, forming as lava abruptly cools underwater; in this case, the prisms are bent because of gravity. In the upper part, the latite is compact and shows a semi-horizontal layer of sedimentary rock (marl) which, despite not being thick, is clearly visible thanks to its lighter colour. This layer formed through sedimentation on the bottom of the ancient sea, during a pause in volcanic events, and has been thoroughly studied, as fossils of 33-million-year-old marine organisms were found there.

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Location: Battaglia Terme  Municipality: Battaglia Terme (PD)  Region: Venetia

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