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Local cheese

The ancient cheese-making tradition of Carnia is well represented by Carnico cheese, whose typicality derives from the milk used and from the meticulous and skillful respect of the many secrets linked to milk processing. For this kind of cheese, only raw, top-quality, and fresh milk coming from selected mountain breeding activities is used. It is ideal green, when it sends out its best aromas and taste. Sweet and delicate, harmonious and sapid, it is appreciated for its unmistakable centuries-old raw milk essence.
Fresh milk is directly brought in the caldron, where it is heated at a temperature of 35°C for the direct inoculation of rennet; it is the classical processing of mountain cheese produced in malga. If matured, it acquires a more marked and intense taste.
It has a compact and elastic texture, with an intense straw yellow color, more or less marked fine holes, smooth and edible rind, slightly darker than the texture.
Average nutritional values for 100 gr: Energy value: 1591 KJ calories: 384 kcal Proteins: 24 gr. Fat: 31 gr.

The Producers
  Carniagricola Formaggi e Salumi
Others - Enemonzo (UD)
  Caseificio Val Tagliamento
Cheese Factories - Enemonzo (UD)
  Azienda Agricola Sonia Dionisio
Agricultural Holdings - Lauco (UD)

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