Parco Intercomunale delle Colline Carniche

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Apples from Carnia

In the past, Carnia produced a considerable variety of apples, partly autochthonous and partly coming from far Countries, with poetic and particular names indicating their origin and story. It was a tradition for emigrants - when they came back to their land - to bring with them small apple trees that perfectly took root and rapidly spread out in Carnia. Now we are trying to recover these ancient varieties to offer ancient and at the same time new tastes for our palates. Among by-products there is the cider, a light, acidulous, and not very alcoholic wine. Pradis catalog camp in Enemonzo is worth a visit.

The Producers
  Azienda Agricola Marmai Giovanni
Agricultural Holdings - Enemonzo (UD)
  Azienda Agricola San Juri - Lucia Valle
Agricultural Holdings - Enemonzo (UD)
  Azienda Agricola Ariis Pietro
Agricultural Holdings - Raveo (UD)

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