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Carnia Borlotti Beans

Carnia Borlotti Beans
Organic beans
PAT - Traditional Agri-Foodstuffs

The autochthonous beans called Carnia borlotti beans are the result of many decades of selections.

Brief description of the product: Oval or almost round, with red or violet streaks all over its surface. Average length of the pod: 20-22 cm, with usually 8-9 seeds. The most common beans are those called Carnia borlotti, the fruit of many decades of natural and autochthonous selections. Since the bean is an autogamous plant, the seed production is carried out on the spot and directly managed by the agricultural holdings. From the several "populations" of Carnia borlotti beans, a local variety called Val Chiarsò has been selected (geographical reference to a valley in Carnia).

Description of the processing, preservation, and maturation methods: Carnia borlotti bean is a grain bean which is harvested when it is dry, when most of the pods are yellow and the seed humidity is about 20%.

Description of the processing, preservation, and maturation premises: Bean pod shelling is carried out by hand, in the kitchen or in other rooms of the house. Borlotti beans are usually preserved in jute bags, in dry premises, and naturally.

The Producers
  Azienda Agricola San Juri - Lucia Valle
Agricultural Holdings - Enemonzo (UD)
  Azienda Agricola Rovis Sabrina
Agricultural Holdings - Lauco (UD)
  Azienda Agricola Zuliani Maria Grazia
Agricultural Holdings - Lauco (UD)

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