Corno alle Scale Brook Trout

Living in the clear waters of Fontane springs in Lizzano in Belvedere, the Brook Trout was imported from North America in the 19th century. Today it is a protected species living exclusively in the waters of Corno alle Scale. It is a species of the salmon family together with the brown trout, the rainbow trout, and the Arctic char, with which it shares its characteristic showy coat: its brown back has cream yellow or olive green stripes, while its flanks are characterized by yellow and red spots surrounded by a blue ring.

According to what established by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, it has obtained the Slow Food Presidium for the excellent quality of its meat: white or rosy, they have extraordinary organoleptic features. For this reason, the brook trout is one of the most appreciated freshwater fish at table. As a matter of fact, the brook trout is a local product with a specific quality label certifying its genuineness. This label is displayed in all the hotels and restaurants that are committed to safeguard the consumer as far as the genuineness of this excellent product is concerned. Not only: in order to preserve the healthiness of the species, the breeders of the brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) living in the area of Corno alle Scale, use natural food without GMOs, flour coming from fish food, containing antibiotic substances. In other words, the safeguard of this species - a precious biological resource of the river ecosystem of this area of the Apennines - goes hand in hand with the will to preserve all the water springs of the Park which, also in this case, represent an unpolluted heritage.

Brook trout of Corno alle Scale
Brook trout of Corno alle Scale
The Producers
Typology: Others
Locality: Lizzano in Belvedere (BO)
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