Po Delta's amphibians: Monitoring and safeguard initiatives.

The Venetia Po Delta Park Authority, within the publication and communication activities (Action D8), promoted an involvement and awareness seminar addressing the whole local community, in collaboration with Veneto Agricoltura.

(Oasi di Ca' Mello Porto Tolle (RO), 22 Nov 11) The Po Delta territory is characterized by a rich biodiversity which cannot be easily found in other parts of the Po Valley. This richness is proved by the presence of many amphibians, namely animals bound to wetlands such as those of the Po Delta.
During this meeting the results of two monitoring projects, financed by the Po Delta Venetia Regional Park and by the LIFE 09NATIT000110 "Conservazione di habitat e specie nei siti Rete Natura 2000 del Delta del Po" Project will be presented. The results have made it possible to outline the distribution situation of the different species, and to highlight the main threatening features as well.
Furthermore, the interventions to realize new reproductive habitats for amphibians and for the European Pond Turtle included in the LIFE Project will be presented.

Po Delta's amphibians: Monitoring and safeguard initiatives.
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