Po Delta Melon

Po Delta Melon
Melon of the Po Delta
PAT - Traditional Agri-Foodstuffs

The Po Delta Melon has a scented yellow-orange pulp rich in seeds. It is one of the summer fruits par excellence because, thanks to its elevated water content, is very refreshing. With a generally spherical shape, the Po Delta Melon is produced from June to August, above all in the Municipalities of Taglio di Po, Adria, and Porto Tolle, where, thanks to the particular soil and climatic conditions, it gains a particular taste.
After the harvest, the melon is taken to the local fruit and vegetable markets where it is marked with a special label and sent to the main fruit and vegetable markets. In the latest years, the cultivation of the melon has considerably increased, to the extent that it has become a very widespread product.

The Producers
  Mercato Ortofrutticolo di Rosolina
Others - Rosolina (RO)

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