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Casatella Trevigiana PDO

Casatella Trevigiana PDO
Casatella Trevigiana PDO
PDO - Protected Designation of Origin

The origins of the name
The name Casatella does not come from the Latin Caseus, meaning "cheese", but from "casa" (home), not only referring to the place housing the ancient rural families formed by many people, but also to the main member of the family, the mother, the "woman of the household".
As a matter of fact, in the area of Treviso the cheese processing activity was usually referred to women, who were able to obtain simple and delicious products for the whole family from the limited available resources. Among these products, Casatella.
Originally it was called "Casada", a local term indicating it was made "at home".

Further information

The Producers
  Agricansiglio Cooperativa delle Prealpi Trevigiane del Consiglio
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  Latteria di Soligo Società Agricola Cooperativa
Dairies - Soligo (TV)
  Latteria Modolo Dino e C. s.n.c.
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Others - Villorba (TV)
  Caseificio F.lli Bergamin S.P.A.
Cheese Factories - Borso del Grappa (TV)
  Toniolo Casearia S.P.A.
Others - Borso del Grappa (TV)
  Caseificio Tomasoni s.r.l.
Cheese Factories - Breda di Piave (TV)
  Giaveri Latterie del Piave s.r.l.
Others - Breda di Piave (TV)
  Formai S.r.l.
Cheese Factories - Musano di Trevignano (TV)
  Caseificio F.lli Castellan s.n.c.
Cheese Factories - Ponte di Piave (TV)
  Caseificio Gaion Giovanni
Cheese Factories - San Biagio di Callalta (TV)
  Latteria Sant'Andrea Società Agricola Cooperativa
Dairies - Povegliano (TV)
  Latterie Trevigiane S.C.p.A.
Dairies - Vedelago (TV)
  Caseificio Lovagricola s.a.s.
Cheese Factories - Biancade di Roncade (TV)
  Caseificio Bettiol
Cheese Factories - Roncade (TV)

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