Sopressa, whose name derives from the Provençal term saupres-sado, meaning salted and pressed, is produced in the whole Veneto area, in different versions with common features. The sopressa produced in Treviso is exclusively obtained from Italian pork meat - from ham to capicollo and from shoulder to chin - cleaned from the nerves and minced to obtain a medium grain. The mixture is then flavored with salt, pepper, and mild Prosecco wine to increase the meat smoothness and put into cow bowels. Sopressa is then soaked into a basin full of mild water and massaged until you obtain a smooth and compact product. Afterwards, it is tied up with string and left drying for a few days in a premise which must be warm and wet at first, and then gradually drier, before undergoing the final maturation process lasting for at least 5 months and no more than 2 years.

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