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The resurgence pools

The 95 km Sile is a resurgence river. Although modified radically down the centuries, the resurgence area still includes the typical natural elements such as springs ("fontanassi"), pools and marshland, bogs and a dense network of watercourses. As well as the vegetation typical of water-meadows and resurgence pools (Carex, Cirsium, Caltha palustris, Iris pseudacorus), there are also isolated trees and small woods, relicts of the previous coverage typical of the hygrophilous lowland forest facies consisting of poplar, willow, alder, oak, elm, maple etc.

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The bog

Peat is a largely organic material of plant origin which forms in water basins of various types and sizes, or in very damp environments due to the incomplete transformation of the residual dead plants in anaerobic conditions caused by water saturation. The natural environments where peat normally occurs are known as "bogs".

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The Fontanassi of the Sile

The Sile is without doubt the most important symbol of the Treviso Marches. It crosses the region's capital influencing its layout and characterising the scenery, while the "peasant culture" of the entire province was born and developed on its banks. A visit to its source, the "fontanassi di Casacorba" can therefore make a pleasant outing. The springs fall within the boundaries of the River Sile Park and are an interesting destination for both adults and children.

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The Architectural Heritage

The Churches along the river Sile
Along the river Sile, there are several churches situated on both banks.»

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The Venetian Villas
Wishes and needs merged in the call of pleasant countrysides, meadows, and hills, when summer and autumn came. The rich Venetians, by boat or by magnificent carriages, reached the Villas scattered throughout the Province.»


Industrial Archaeology

The Port of Treviso at Silea
With the return to civilian life after the 1940-45 war, the problem of Treviso's river port was finally tackled and in October 1945 it was founded by the City Council, Province and Chamber of Commerce. The Treviso Port Consortium commissioned engineer Giuseppe Stancari to draw up a project to construct a river port with annexed industrial zone.

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The towpaths

Part of the Girasile follows the route of the old restere, the roads along the banks of the river used by the oxen towing the barges (burci) (35 km).

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Drops of Sile

Point of InterestLocation
Parish Church dating back to the 17th century
Vedelago (TV)
 Altino Archaeological MuseumAltino Archaeological MuseumQuarto d'Altino (VE)
Small unit of houses with old tavern along the Sile river
Roncade (TV)
 Barbasso swampBarbasso swampMorgano (TV)
 Barchessa Villa PolaBarchessa Villa PolaVedelago (TV)
 BarconBarconVedelago (TV)
 Bordignon MillBordignon MillQuinto di Treviso (TV)
 Bridge of the three bordersBridge of the three bordersIstrana (TV)
 Burci CemeteryBurci CemeteryCasier (TV)
  Ca' Tron EstateRoncade (TV)
 Canizzano ChurchCanizzano Church
Visitazione Church in Canizzano
Treviso (TV)
 Canottieri Sile Association HeadquartersCanottieri Sile Association HeadquartersTreviso (TV)
 Carlesso former quarriesCarlesso former quarriesQuinto di Treviso (TV)
 Carrarese TowerCarrarese TowerCasale sul Sile (TV)
 CasacorbaCasacorbaVedelago (TV)
 Casale sul Sile former quarry Casale sul Sile former quarryCasale sul Sile (TV)
Example of rural architecture from the 15th century
Vedelago (TV)
 Cervara MillCervara MillQuinto di Treviso (TV)
 Chiari & Forti MillsChiari & Forti MillsSilea (TV)
 Church in Casale Sul SileChurch in Casale Sul SileCasale sul Sile (TV)
 Conca di PaladeConca di TrepaladeQuarto d'Altino (VE)
 Favaro former millFavero former millQuinto di Treviso (TV)
 Former military hospitalFormer military hospitalQuarto d'Altino (VE)
 Gran Bosco dei FontanassiGran Bosco dei FontanassiVedelago (TV)
 Granello MillGranello MillQuinto di Treviso (TV)
  Hamlet of CanizzanoTreviso (TV)
 CasierHydrochronometer of CasierCasier (TV)
  I MarziQuarto d'Altino (VE)
 Le TrezzeLe TrezzeQuarto d'Altino (VE)
 Lughignano ChurchLughignano ChurchCasale sul Sile (TV)
 Madonna dell'Albera ChurchMadonna dell'Albera ChurchMorgano (TV)
 Mandelli MillsMandelli MillsTreviso (TV)
 Memorial PathMemorial PathQuarto d'Altino (VE)
 Molinella former quarriesMolinella former quarriesCasier (TV)
 Morgano ChurchMorgano ChurchMorgano (TV)
 Musestre churchMusestre churchRoncade (TV)
 Ponte SettimoPonte SettimoMorgano (TV)
 Port of Casale sul SilePort of Casale sul SileCasale sul Sile (TV)
 Port of FieraPort of FieraTreviso (TV)
 Porta dell'Acqua and Botanical GardenPorta dell'Acqua and Botanical GardenVedelago (TV)
 Portesine water pump complexPortesine water pump complexRoncade (TV)
 Prato della FieraPrato della FieraTreviso (TV)
 Quinto Camper ResortQuinto Camper ResortQuinto di Treviso (TV)
 Rachello MillRachello MillQuinto di Treviso (TV)
 Pier of CendonRiver port of CendonSilea (TV)
  Rivers Zero and DeseResana (TV)
 Riviera FornaciRiviera FornaciCasale sul Sile (TV)
  Roman PostumiaVedelago (TV)
 Rosta delle Mure MillsRosta delle Mure MillsTreviso (TV)
 Rosta of the Bomben millsRosta of the Bomben millsQuinto di Treviso (TV)
 Rotonda di BadoereRotonda di BadoereMorgano (TV)
 Rosta Mulini San Martino e Chiesa di San Martino UrbanoSan Martino Mills Rosta and San Martino Urbano Church
Site where the ancient mills, now disappeared, were located
Treviso (TV)
 San Michele Vecchio BightSan Michele Vecchio Bight
Perifluvial wetland situated in a meander bight, on Sile's orographic right river
Quarto d'Altino (VE)
 Sant'Angelo ChurchSant'Angelo Church
Church dedicated to St. Michael Archangel
Treviso (TV)
 Santa Cristina ChurchSanta Cristina ChurchQuinto di Treviso (TV)
 Shrine of MorganoShrine of MorganoMorgano (TV)
  Sile's honeyTreviso (TV)
 Siloncello CanalSiloncello CanalQuarto d'Altino (VE)
 Swamp bald cypressesSwamp bald cypressesVedelago (TV)
 The Big OakThe Big OakVedelago (TV)
 Tower ruins in MusestreTower ruins in MusestreRoncade (TV)
 VedelagoVedelagoVedelago (TV)
  Via Claudia AugustaSilea (TV)
 Via dei TappiVia dei TappiSilea (TV)
 Villa Barbaro Villa Barbaro Lughignano
The most ancient among the villas of Sile
Casale sul Sile (TV)
 Casier - Villa Barbaro RomanVilla Barbaro RomanCasier (TV)
  Villa Barbaro-BuriCasier (TV)
 Villa CelestiaVilla Celestia
The formerly Celestie monastery rises on the Sile river's banks
Casale sul Sile (TV)
 Villa CiardiVilla Ciardi
Dwelling of Guglielmo Ciardi, painter from the 19th century
Quinto di Treviso (TV)
Villa CornaroVilla Cornaro
Planned by Andrea Palladio (UNESCO Word Heritage List)
Piombino Dese (PD)
 Villa CornerVilla CornerVedelago (TV)
Villa EmoVilla Emo
Planned by Andrea Palladio (UNESCO Word Heritage List)
Vedelago (TV)
 Villa Fanna CervelliniVilla Fanio CervelliniQuinto di Treviso (TV)
 Villa LattesVilla LattesIstrana (TV)
 Villa LetiziaVilla Letizia
Villa Letizia, an architectural complex housing the Park Authority's headquarters
Treviso (TV)
  Villa Mantovani OrsettiCasale sul Sile (TV)
 Villa MarcelloVilla MarcelloPiombino Dese (PD)
 Villa Memo GiordaniVilla Memo GiordaniQuinto di Treviso (TV)
  Villa Morosini-PallaCasier (TV)
 Silea - Villa Valier BattaggiaVilla Valier BattaggiaSilea (TV)
 Village of PortegrandiVillage of PortegrandiQuarto d'Altino (VE)
  Village of TrepaladeQuarto d'Altino (VE)
 Walled City of TrevisoWalled City of TrevisoTreviso (TV)
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