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Here you are a list of publications - sponsored, supported, edited by the Park Authority in association with Regione Umbria - dedicated to the natural and cultural heritage of its territory, you can consult in the offices of the Consortium.
On demand, it is also possible to receive a copy of some promotional material directly at the address specified by the applicant.

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Item Author/s Publisher Category Price
itNera su Bianco
Six-monthly journal of the Park
Journals and Newsletters  
 itArte nell'Umbria dei Parchi
Author/s: Franco Ivan Nucciarelli
Publisher: Italgraf Edizioni
Books and other Publications  
 itLa Chiesa e il Convento di San Francesco di Arrone-Casteldilago
Publisher: Edizioni Thyrus
Books and other Publications  
 itLa Chiesa Parrocchiale di Santa Maria di Arrone
Documents and works
Author/s: Mario Petralla - Giovanna Sapori
Books and other Publications  
 itLa Rondine montana
Naturalistic publication
Author/s: S. Laurenti – C. Piersanti
Books and other Publications  
itLe valli dei mulini nel territorio del Parco Fluviale del Nera
Publisher: Thyrus
Books and other Publications  
 itOtto meraviglie. Guida ai Parchi dell'Umbria
Publisher: Giunti
Books and other Publications  
itPiccola guida agli uccelli del Parco Fluviale del NeraBooks and other Publications  
 itProdotti tipici agroalimentari dei Parchi dell'Umbria
Publisher: Quattroemme
Books and other Publications  

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