Busatte Tempesta forestry path

  • Trail Conditions: On foot
  • Interest: Flora, Panorama

    To enjoy the breathtaking views overlooking the lake, one can take the forestry road starting from the Busatte park, an equipped green area a little above the built-up area of Torbole. The itinerary develops on Mount Baldo's western slopes, at an average altitude of 150 m above the water level, up to a maximum height of 270 m. It consists of dirt roads and other stretches equipped with steel stairs, which allow visitors to safely cross the rock ridges of Corno di Bo and Salt della Cavra.

    Busatte - terebinto
    Busatte - terebinto

    Step by step one undertakes a journey through the wild nature, where the maquis is reflected in the blue waters of Italy's biggest lake, with a sequence of landscapes which often change and offer the visitors different colors and scents. In order to enjoy them it is worth reading the panels describing the flower and natural features of the surrounding territory.
    Visitors will enjoy a surprising view: large views of the lake's northern side and of the villages overlooking it and, on the opposite coast, the high rocky mountains of the territory around Brescia. From here it is easy to see the mouth of the river Sarca and the Mount Brione Nature Reserve.
    After about one and a half hours one reaches the built-up area of Tempesta. It is possible to go back with the public transport or to reach the fork with the forestry road leading to Tempesta, climb back again and rejoin the path near the first stairs through a panoramic bypass.
    The panoramic view never disappoints you: the changing seasons and their colors make the walk pleasant all the year round, but it is suggested to visit these places in the warmest hours of summer.

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