Cow's Milk Caciotta

Cow's Milk Caciotta
Processing of cow's milk caciotta

Cow's milk caciotta is produced in the whole area of Appennino Modenese and, since it needs a small quantity of milk, it can also be made with pure Bianca Modenese cow's milk.
Milk is filtered in order to eliminate eventual impurities, is heated to a temperature of 36/38°C, and is mixed with whey. Once the coagulation temperature is reached, the calf's rennet is added, continuing to mix the liquid mass. Once the consistency of the curd obtained has been tested, it is coarsely broken to obtain hazelnut-size lumps. The product is left resting for a few minutes, then heated again to 40°/50°C, and processed by hand. Finally, it is extracted by hand and put into baskets leaning on an inclined table, giving the cheese its characteristic surface features. After a slight manual pressure, it is turned over for the first time, and then for the second time. Salt is spread on the upper and lower sides and left resting for about 12 hours. Afterwards, the round is extracted, cleaned, and left drying. The maturation of the rounds is practiced by letting them dry on boards in cool premises.

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