Points of Interest

Points of interest Nature

The Frignano Park is rich and varied, with unspoiled landscapes and lush nature.
Within the protected area there are two areas of particular interest: the area between Mount Cimone, Libro Aperto and Lake Pratignano and the area of the Giovo and Rondinaio mountains, both SCI (Sites of Community Importance) and SPZ (Special Protection Zones).
From glacial lakes to centuries-old chestnut trees, through the top grasslands, coniferous forests and sandstone rocks of Mount Cimone, to discover all the natural features of the territory of the Park: there is nothing but spoilt for choice.

Point of InterestLocation
 Lake BaccioLake BaccioPievepelago (MO)
 Lake PratignanoLake PratignanoFanano (MO)
 Lake SantoLake SantoPievepelago (MO)
 Lake ScaffaioloLake ScaffaioloFanano (MO)
 Libro ApertoLibro ApertoFanano (MO)
 Mixed wood in DocciaMixed wood in DocciaFiumalbo (MO)
 Libro Aperto ClimbMonte Cimone - Libro Aperto - Lago PratignanoFanano, Fiumalbo, Montecreto, Riolunato, Sestola (MO)
 Mount Cimone from DocciaMount CimoneSestola (MO)
 Mount GiovoMount GiovoPievepelago (MO)
 Mount RondinaioMount RondinaioPievepelago (MO)
 Mount RondinaioMount Rondinaio - Mount GiovoFiumalbo, Frassinoro, Pievepelago (MO)
 Stream ScoltennaTorrente ScoltennaPievepelago, Riolunato, Montecreto (MO)

Points of interest Culture

Ancient area of human settlements, the high Frignano experienced a substantial human presence with the Friniate Ligurians, who remained on the territory until the clash with the Romans and who built the first route (Via Bibulca) of crossing the ridge towards Tuscany, then integrated in the Middle Ages by the routes linked to pilgrimages to Rome.
Historical routes that then, during the Estense rule, saw expansions and new paths (Via Ducale, Via Vandelli).
In addition to these, in the Park there are numerous traces of human activity over the centuries, from the historic centers of the municipalities to the hamlets, from the shelters to the churches, from the peasant courts to the oldest "Celtic huts", from mills to metates.

Point of InterestLocation
 Celtic huts in DocciaCeltic huts in DocciaFiumalbo (MO)
 Fola BridgeFola BridgePievepelago (MO)
 Oratory of San Michele PelagoOratorio of St. Michele PelagoPievepelago (MO)
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