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The Park Territorial Plan

The Park Territorial Plan Piano Territoriale del Parco (in force)
"Elaborato N" - Accomplishment rules
Version completed with the changes made by the Del.G.R.2283 of 21/12/’97
(PDF file, Italian text - 132 Kb)

Piano territoriale del Parco (Variation)
With decision n° 43 of 20th April 2004 the Province of Bologna has adopted the Provincia di Bologna ha adottato the Variation of the Park Territorial Plan.
Published on 26th May 2004.

What the Park is Doing

Speleologist The activities carried out by the Park during these years aimed to establish the net of signals along the borders of the Park, in the pre-park area, in the most protected areas, and where the most important naturalistic elements are situated.
Activities of environmental education have been improved on the base of a three-year project called "Vivi il Parco".
According to the regional programme of financing in the Parks for the years 98/2000, a specific project of biospeleological researches called "L'ecosistema grotta" has been approved and supported.
Always according to the regional financing, some rest areas have been established, historical aspects of the territory have been recovered, and other important research projects have been started.
A number of paths have been recovered and signalled, such as the Sentiero natura dei gessi alla Croara, for which a guide-brochure has been published.
In the main caves, the protection with special locks has been completed; the Spipola cave has been requalified, and a monitoring programme of the hypogean climate has been started.
Thanks to the support obtained during the last years, more than 50 hectares of territory lying within the protected areas of the Park have been acquired, including the gypsum outcrops, and further areas of great naturalistic interest will be acquired thanks to the regional financing 98/2000 such as Acquafredda, Palestrina, and Calanchi dell'Abbadessa.

Da Mare a Mare

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Experimental integration project between the Parco regionale dei Gessi Bolognesi e Calanchi dell’Abbadessa and Museo Capellini of the University of Bologna

The project was born from the will to experiment a collaboration between the Park and the Museo Capellini of the University of Bologna, with the aim to create occasions of mutual enhancement with didactic and promotional aims. The issues considered are the geological and paleontological aspects of the Park, with particular attention to the geological evolution of the territory, from the ancient sea called Tetide to the current aspect of the Mediterranean Sea. Besides the four thematic routes which have been created, within the Museum an exhibition space dedicated to the Park has been prepared: it recalls and illustrates in a scientific and didactic manner the same issues showing, among the other things, finds of great interest discovered within the Park.

We would like to thank for the collaboration: dott. Giovanni Battista Pesce from IBC - Regione Emilia Romagna , the Gruppo Speleologico Bolognese GSB/USB and the Museo della Preistoria “Luigi Donini” in San Lazzaro di Savena.