Logo Parco dei Gessi Bolognesi e Calanchi dell'Abbadessa

Parco dei Gessi Bolognesi e Calanchi dell'Abbadessa

Typical Products


Colli Bolognesi Doc

The Doc Colli Bolognesi, involving a wide territory on the hills in the province of Bologna and the territory of the Town of Savignano sul Panaro in the province of Modena, touches only marginally the Park's area.

Further info

You can find further information in Atlante dei Prodotti Tipici dei Parchi (Italian text), an atlas dealing with the extraordinary heritage of typicality and tradition deriving from the knowledge and the professions created by the centuries-old presence of man. The atlas is edited by Slow Food, sponsored by Ministero dell'Ambiente e della Tutela del territorio and supported by Federparchi and Legambiente.

Granting of the Park Logo to the Agricultural and Food Production of the Agricultural Firms

logo In order to safeguard and promote the agricultural products of the Protected Area and to promote biological agriculture, the Park has decided to grant a specific brand called “Consigliato dal Parco” (Recommended by the Park) to qualify the agricultural and food products made within its administrative borders (including the pre-Park) with a certified biological method.