Parco Naturale del Gran Bosco di Salbertrand



The establishment aims of Gran Bosco Park do not only include the safeguard and conservation of the territory, but also the promotion and improvement of the life conditions of the local people and the enhancement of agricultural and breeding activities. Every summer, hundred heads of cows and sheep   migrate to the summer mountain pastures and graze in the high-mountain pastures of the Park territory (Randuin, le Selle, Seu, Laune, Arguel, and Assietta) where butter and toma cheese are produced. Moreover, the Park Authority has been directly committed for years to the organic production of mountain potatoes and to the experimentation and subsequent production of top-quality mountain honey. Among the Park Municipalities, Chiomonte and Exilles house on their sunny slopes the highest European vineyards, important examples of environmental enhancement and rehabilitation. On the terraced areas stolen from the mountains with hard work, rare autochthonous vines are cultivated, from which wines with particular organoleptic features like Valsusa DOC and the famous Vino del ghiaccio are obtained.

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Toma Piemontese d'alpeggio
In Gran Bosco Park, Toma Piemontese is produced, even if breeders and dairymen are a few and the processing techniques are rather different one from the other.
Category: Cheese
High-mountain honey production is a field in which the Park has recently promoted experimentation and a subsequent top-quality production. For three years now, Rino Tuori's agricultural holding - with ICEA organic farming label - has been moving its...
Category: Honey
Quality Brands:
BIO - Organic Farming
Mountain Potatoes
The varieties cultivated by Gran Bosco di Salbertrand Park Authority are Agria (yellow flesh and peel) and Desirée (yellow flesh and red peel). The Park Authority is member of the Mountain Potato Producer Association of the Province. The fine...
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
The gofre is a crunchy and round-shaped waffle characteristic of Upper Valle di Susa and Valle Chisone. It is obtained by baking a dough of flour, water, milk, and yeast on special cast iron shaped griddles (the so-called "gofriere", or waffle irons),...
Category: Bread
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