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Stracchino Quadro

Stracchino Quadro, a fresh cheese, is obtained from whole milk and has a traditional square shape (20x20 cm). It is usually sold in quarters.
Although it looks like taleggio, it has a different size - usually lower - and texture - which, in this case, has a more compact center. Moreover, when it is mature, the texture preserves its rigidity and tends to dry up to the extent that it can be grated.
The cheese-making methods have ancient origins and probably date back to the first milk processing attempts: as a matter of fact, stracchino is the first product deriving from simple processing methods.

The Producers
  Az. Agr. Arrigoni Cristina
Agricultural Holdings - Pasturo (LC)
  Az. Agr. Invernizzi Antonio Alfredo
Agricultural Holdings - Pasturo (LC)
  Az. Agr. Invernizzi Giacomo e Felice
Agricultural Holdings - Pasturo (LC)
  Az. Agr. Invernizzi Giuseppe Paolo
Agricultural Holdings - Pasturo (LC)
  Invernizzi & Rota s.n.c.
Others - Pasturo (LC)
  Invernizzi Daniele
Others - Pasturo (LC)

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