Parco Regionale della Grigna Settentrionale


The Tastes of Grigna
Without a doubt, the knowledge of a territory goes through the taste and fragrance of its local products: the simple, genuine, and tasty products of Grigna Settentrionale Park are the result of a long history, traditions, and expert gestures handed down from father to son.
The floral richness of the mountain pastures and the skillful management of the agricultural holdings still working with traditional methods lead to the production of a particularly fine milk and, as a result, mountain cheese maturing in caves, fat and semi-fat cheese, butter, ricotta cheese, the very tasty goat's milk cheese - fresh or mature - born to be eaten together with berries, local jams, and honey: intense tastes preserving and enhancing the traditions of the territory.
The terraced slopes facing Lario give us the excellent olive oil PDO, fruit of the wonderful local climate. A stop to directly taste on the spot this great heritage of traditions, history, and taste is well worth your journey here! Maybe also combining it with one of our rich characteristic dishes, first of all polenta taragna!

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Obtained in the Park from raspberries, strawberries, red currant, cranberries, and black elder at over 1,000m of altitude, the jam contains over 45% fruit and therefore, according to the Community rules, can be called "extra". Jam can be eaten on slices...
Category: Preserves
Obtained from goat's or cow's milk, it derives from a simple processing: after adding rennet to raw milk, the curd is left settling for at least 12 hours, so that it becomes acid enough. Afterwards, the product is extracted, left draining, salted,...
Category: Cheese
Stracchino Quadro, a fresh cheese, is obtained from whole milk and has a traditional square shape (20x20 cm). It is usually sold in quarters. Although it looks like taleggio, it has a different size - usually lower - and texture - which, in this case,...
Category: Cheese
Without a doubt, honey is a jewel for gluttons: obtained from the nectar or honeydew of plants, it is transformed and stored by bees and matures in the honeycombs. Its features can be considerably different: honey can be liquid or crystal-clear, almost...
Category: Honey
Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
The local oil deserves a special mention: it has top-quality organoleptic features and has obtained the Laghi Lombardi - Lario PDO. It is obtained from the cultivations mainly situated on the terraced fields of the Municipalities of Perledo and Varenna,...
Category: Oil
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