Parco del Lago di Endine

Identity Card
Surface Area: 1.606,00 ha
Provinces: BG
Establishment: 2001
  •  (photo by Parco del Lago di Endine)
  •  (photo by Parco del Lago di Endine)
  •  (photo by Parco del Lago di Endine)

Park, flowers and imagination

The PLIS territory lies at altitudes ranging between 1,380 m above sea level (M. Grione, in the municipality of Endine) and 335,6 m above sea level in Spinone del Lago, where the Cherio - the only effluent of the lake -  rises and flows for about 24 km before merging into the Oglio near Palosco. The area has a north-east/south-west orientation: this originates many differences in the exposure conditions of the mountain slopes where it is situated, and for this reason several plant types can coexist.
Moreover, in winter the continuous lack of direct rays of sun on most of the lake surface, facilitates the development of a thick ice layer.

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