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Locanda delle Lame with annexed offices
Locanda delle Lame with annexed offices
Park Head Offices yard
Park Head Offices yard

The Facilities of Lame del Sesia Park

  • Visitor Center
  • Tourist welcome structure: guesthouse with no. 24 beds
  • Naturalistic ornithologic museum
  • Thematic library (about 900 volumes)
  • Congress Hall
  • Didactic Hall
  • Herbarium
  • Guided tours
  • Didactic activities
  • Self-guided botanic trail
  • Sports trail
  • Cycle facilities
  • Bike rental service at "Locanda delle Lame", adjacent the Park Head Offices
  • Bird watching
  • Visits to the Abbey of S.S. Nazzaro and Celso Sesia and to the characteristic local farmsteads of Vercelli
  • Information material on the Park at "Locanda delle Lame"
  • Specific publishing products
  • Route for people with disabilities under construction (in Casalbeltrame)
  • Didactic talks

Purple heron
Purple heron
Gray heron
Gray heron

Naturalistic Museum

The Museum of the Park Authority aims at documenting and explaining the research studies carried out in the Park over the years.
Since the Park is very rich in birds, particular attention has been paid to the ornithology section. The ornithological collection derives from the patient work by the naturalist and taxidermist Manlio Ferrero from Sordevolo (BI): 468 perfectly preserved specimens represent European and extra-European bird species, out of which 140 species can be observed in the Park during the year (some are resident birds, and some of passage). Amateur ornithologists and bird watchers can observe the colors, the possible variations of the plumage during the molting period, and anatomy features that are particularly difficult to observe in the field. The specimens are displayed according to a systematic order. The collection is completed with labels indicating order, family, species, Italian common name, and scientific name. Moreover, there are symbols indicating the general biology features of the nesting area, the life habits, the environments they can be found in, and the nesting period.
The Museum also houses an entomological section collecting insects belonging to different orders, including heteropterans and lepidopterans.
The scientific and dynamic aspect of the Museum will give the opportunity to enrich and enlarge the different sections according to availability of finds. Each effort is dedicated to the people who like strolling around in natural environments and in particular to young people, in order to arouse their interest and love for this still intact bit of nature.

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Itineraries in the Park

You can visit the Park on foot or by bike; of particular interest, the self-guided didactic itinerary, if you want to visit the Park and to discover its unique features by yourself, and the "percorso vita" (exercise course) if you want to keep fit surrounded by nature, far from the city smog.

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Guest House

Within Castello estate, housing Lame del Sesia Park Head Offices, a number of rooms have been obtained to use as a guest house. They can welcome a whole class (maximum 24 persons) and are divided into five big dormitories with showers and toilets, on two floors. The service includes sheets, pillow cases, and blankets. For more than one-day long stays in the guest house, the guests will have to clean the dormitories.

  • 1 night per person: Euros 10.00

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In the Park by bike
In the Park by bike

Bicycle Rental

Lame del Sesia Park, thanks to the service provided by Locanda delle Lame, adjacent the Park Head Offices, offers a bicycle rental service.
At the visitors' disposal, about 20 mountain bikes with adjustable saddle.
The rental is open every day, except on Tuesday (the closing day of the Locanda), and the cost is 3 Euros for half day, 5 Euros for full day.
For information, contact the Locanda by calling the numbers +39 0161 734027 and +39 389 5569802.


For many years the Park has been representing a reference point for the creation and promotion of an "ecological" culture. The main aim of safeguard and conservation of the natural and environmental values of the Park is therefore completed by the creation of projects, experiments, and by environmental-naturalistic didactic activity addressed to the students of every kind of school.
The first didactic initiatives were born with the aim to promote the knowledge and the importance of the natural environment and its safeguard; with time and the collection of more and more complete scientific information, the educational activities have further developed. Now the didactic-information aspect is organized by the Park Keepers and by experts in environmental sciences collaborating with the Park. The suggested didactic activities mainly aim at improving the specific knowledge of the wildlife, floristic, and environmental resources of the Park and to the problems linked to the natural environment.
In the Park it is possible to experiment new learning methods based on the direct observation and the comparison of different habitats.
Moreover, it is also possible to face in a simple and practical manner the environmental problems, trying to find new criteria of naturalistic survey. Moreover, children will be more directly involved in "Earth Education" activities, for a more involving participation with nature.

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