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Osmoderma Eremita Monitoring

The forest ecosystem of Parchi Reali is in good health

(Venaria Reale e Stupinigi, 06 Ago 21) For the fourth year running, the insect symbol of lowland forests, the Hermit Beetle (Osmoderma eremita), is being monitored. It is a large beetle whose survival is threatened by the fragmentation and alteration of its living environment, which consists of forests with old deciduous trees with hollows in their trunks (its larvae feed on the frass present in these hollows).

This is an important census carried out at European level also on many other endangered species in the Natura 2000 sites and is aimed at checking how the EU countries take care of priority habitats for nature conservation.

Finding specimens of the Hermit Beetle means that the forest ecosystem is in good health: to maintain the population of this insect, it is necessary to allow suitable trees to age and decay, completing their natural cycle in the forest, which can happen within our nature parks.

Fortunately, monitoring at the Mandria and Stupinigi has produced positive results, confirming the presence of Osmoderma in several areas as well as in the old oak trees along the avenues.

The census is carried out in July and August, when the adults are present, by hanging funnel traps containing moss "flavoured" with the female pheromone of Osmoderma from the branches of the trees that appear most suitable. Anyone falling into the trap is recorded and immediately released.

Thanks to the InNat project, monitoring takes place all over Italy and involves public bodies and research institutes, but not only: with citizen science we can all collaborate with our observations of endangered species by entering data in the InNat app (learn more at

Osmoderma eremita
Osmoderma eremita
Census traps
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