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Walls, towers, fortresses and castles of the upper Mincio

Mincio and war - Itinerary n. 1

By bike Car         Great Interest: Hystory 
  • Departure: Monzambano
  • Arrival: Monzambano
  • Length: 51 km

From the Early Middle Ages to the feudal age, from the communal age to the age of the "signorie", the territories of the upper Mincio were contended both for their economic significance and for their strategic role within the military policy. These are pages of history written by many families - such as Canossa, Scaligeri, Visconti and Gonzaga - who built towers, fortresses, castles and fortified enclosures: works that marked the division of the lands of Venetia from those of Mantua, and that represented strong defensive points for the territory. Such works also were part of a system organized for the processing and the safekeeping of the products and for the control of duties and special tolls. They were real centers for the defense of the territory and the administrative, legal and economic life of the fief and of the whole community, they were organization elements that over the centuries witnessed many changes depending on the events, the political facts, and the defensive needs established by the different governments.

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Stronghold in Cavriana, detail of the bell tower
Stronghold in Cavriana, detail of the bell tower

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