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PAT - Traditional Agri-Foodstuffs

Spelt is the progenitor of all cereals. There are three kinds of spelt: Triticum Spelta, Triticum Monococcum, and Triticum Dicoccum.
Cultivated since ancient times, it has been largely used as a major foodstuff until the discovery of wheat. It is a cereal cultivated in poor and mountain soils, it has a low fat content but it is rich in fibers and mineral salts. Spelt is used to produce flour, in whole or crushed grains. It is used to prepare soups, alone or with other cereals, legumes, or with potatoes or mushrooms. The flour is used to prepare a very good polenta or to make biscuits. The whole grains can be boiled and flavored. Pearled spelt is an excellent product to replace rice.

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