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Spaccatura delle Lecce
Spaccatura delle Lecce

The Apennines are characterized in their higher altitudes by beech woodlands and mountain pastures, by rocky slopes and deep gorges from which the watercourses spring. The mountains gently slope down to an area of high hills still characterized by precious woods and by pastures.
At lower altitudes there are some copses and some cultivation, the via Flaminia and the historical centers, and finally the rivers Sentino and Chiascio.
The mountain surroundings are populated by the wolf and, probably, by the wild cat; moreover, there are the fallow deer, the wild boar, the porcupine, the marten, and the hare. There are also some specimens of golden eagle, the hawk, the partridge, the rock partridge, the eagle owl, the kingfisher.
The river crayfish still lives in the high part of the watercourses together with the brown trout.

Province: Perugia Region: Umbria

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