Parco di Monte Peglia e Selva di Meana (S.T.I.N.A)


Trail of the 'Devil's Lairs'

  • Trail Conditions: On foot
  • Interest: Geology, Archeology
  • Departure: Parrano
  • Duration: 4 hour/s 30 minutes
  • Difficulty Level: EEA - For expert hikers with equipment
  • Length: 9.0 km

This trail starts in Parrano, an embattled hamlet of medieval origin that was built around an 11th century castle, which was successively restored in the 17th century. This settlement has become an important health spa, owing to the presence of several springs of sulpho-magnesic water. Go northwards and follow the main road for about 1 km (this section overlaps the so-called Two-Lakes Crossing trail– TDL), then take the unsurfaced road on the left, as far as an abandoned farm (Bagno); go past the gate, walk down to the brook called Fosso del Bagno. Next to a natural rocky arch you can ford the brook; keep walking along the right banks of the "fosso": some rungs and ropes on the ravine's walls will allow you to visit several karstic caves, known as the "Tane del Diavolo". Their unique archaeological value is attested by a number of finds that date back to the 3rd century BCE (Eneolithic). This section of the trail requires good climbing skills and proper gear; it is also possible to avail oneself of skilled guides through the Territorial Documentation Centre and Tane del Daivolo Caves. The exit from the gorge is next to the catchment basin of the mineral waters; take the provincial road, then the first road on the right. Walk along the quarry, cross the area called "Piano"; stay on the same road as you walk along the Chiani brook; right before Fosso Posticce turn left and walk uphill to Verciano. Cross this hamlet, then turn left and you will get back to the starting point.

Tana del Diavolo - Parrano
Tana del Diavolo - Parrano
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