Parco del Monte Subasio

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BIO - Organic Farming Label

A genuine and delicate natural product with extraordinary nutritious and healthy properties. Besides fructose and glucose, it contains enzymes, vitamins, and essential oils, and it has been considered since ancient times the "food of the Gods".
This is the honey of Subasio Park, where nature is intact and the richness in flowers gives the opportunity to obtain a nectar conveying the perfume and taste of the many botanical species growing in the area.
From mixed flowers honey to the honey obtained from one and only flower: acacia, chestnut tree, sunflower, heath, eucaliptus, lime tree, thyme. Each with its own characteristic sweetness, color, thickness, granulosity, and perfume.

The Producers
  La Casa di Merlino SS di Calabria e Mazzola soc. agricola
Agricultural Holdings - Assisi (PG)

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