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Cavagnetto of Brugnato

Features: Cake with the shape of a small basket with grip, inside which an egg with shell is placed.

Preparation: An essential stage in the preparation of this cake is leavening, which takes a lot. Baked in the oven and made with flour (1 kilo), sugar (half kilo), butter (250g), brewer's yeast (200g), 6 eggs plus 1 for the decoration, anise, grated lemon peel. Knead the flour with yeast and leave it rising for the whole night. In the morning, add all the other ingredients and leave rising for one hour. Give to the dough the shape of a small basket with grip and put an egg inside it. Put in the baking pan and bake for approximately half an hour.

Recipe: Cavagnetto (or cestinetto, that is "small basket") is the characteristic Easter cake of the Municipality of Bugnato. The ancient recipe has been handed down from generation to generation until present times. It has always been an Easter symbol, since it was prepared on Easter's Eve and brought to the church by children for the blessing, then eaten the day after. The dough is the same used to prepare the famous canestrello, a cake known all over Liguria, but the particular shape makes it unique.

Production Area: Brugnato (La Spezia)

The Producers
Typology: Bakeries
Locality: Brugnato (SP)
Typology: Bakeries
Locality: Brugnato (SP)
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