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Valle Cavalera - Pratone Fosso Vena Scritta - Poggio Runci

One of the most interesting itineraries in Lucretili Mountains

On foot         Great Interest: Flora Great Interest: Geology Great Interest: Panorama Great Interest: Hystory 
  • Duration: 6 hour/s 30 minutes
  • Difficulty Level: E - Hiking (level)
  • Difference in height: 300m

The itinerary develops in the southern section of Lucretili Mountains, immediately after the first fold rising from the piedmont strip. The geology is dominated by the tectonic system of the first one of the four layers of Lucretili Mountains. Called Unit 1, the line at the base of Mt. Morra represents a slip surface deriving from the orogenetic activity. The rocks involved formed in an environment of passage between not very deep and pelagic sea in the Lower Trias and Upper Lias. The poor soils, not very evolved on a calcareous substratum, are locally washed out; however, they have enabled the diffusion of large forest formations on the deeply cracked calcareous stands and on the deposits forming in the gullies and the talwegs.
The varied morphology of the landscape, the different territorial and floristic features deeply linked and influenced by various factors like the use of the millenary soil and the presence of vegetational features of great interest with the development of wonderful beech woodlands, the presence of places rich in historical memory like the Pratone, the ruins of Madonna dei Ronci church and Muraccia del Poggio Castle, make this itinerary one of the most interesting routes in Lucretili Mountains.
Long itinerary with no great difficulties, since it develops in the mountains; very limited differences in height. It requires particular attention as far as orienteering is concerned when you are completing the ring-route (stretch getting to and going beyond the ruins of the church), because of the presence of various tracks open to grazing and for the thick vegetation of the shrubby pastures.

Remarks: Route of intermediate difficulty developing along a trail not particularly evident for a short stretch; not recommended after hard rains for the muddy bottom.
Recommended period: all year round, especially during the season changes, when flowers are in bloom and the woodland acquires its autumn colors.
Where in Lucretili Mountains: south-western slope and inland area of the group Mt. Gennaro - Mt. Morra.
How to reach the departure point: after the town of S. Polo dei Cavalieri up to the point where the road of Mt. Morra is closed.

Valle Cavalera
Valle Cavalera
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