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Camerata Nuova Visitor Center

Life and Work linked to the Trees

Specialties: Woodlands and Forests
00020 Camerata Nuova (RM)
Municipality: Camerata Nuova
Region: Lazio

Tel. 0774/827221 (ufficio comunicazione e educazione) - Fax 0774/827183

The people living in the Apennines have worked in the forests since ancient times. As a matter of fact, timber has always represented an important reference point for the local economy. In the Park territory, the vast beech forests have always represented a natural richness providing high-quality timber and firewood. In the latest decades, only a few people have decided to take up this profession, more for passion than for an economic match. The woodsmen profession has always been one of the most widespread professions in the mountains. It was often handed down from generation to generation and involved whole families. The most expert woodsmen, thanks to the experience acquired over the years, were assigned to the tree felling, while the youngest ones were given all the other tasks. In this way, they collected timber and, above all, firewood, the only combustible material which was essential in those years to resist the cold winters. The coalsmen profession derives from the need to produce a material that, compared to wood, had the advantage to be easily transported and to develop a greater energy.
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For further information, please call the Park Communication Office from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 am to 1.30 pm: Ph. +39 0774 827221. E-mail

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