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Jenne Visitor Center

The Birds of Prey

Specialties: Wildlife
Via dei Prati, 5
00020 Jenne (RM)
Municipality: Jenne
Region: Lazio

Tel. 0774/827221 (ufficio comunicazione e educazione) - Fax 0774/827183

Birds of prey have always been part of the history of man, inspiring strong feelings of admiration and respect or, on the contrary, fear and hate. The most ancient evidences of this relationship can be found in Egypt where, among the hieroglyphics of Narmer Palette dating back to the first dynasty, a sacred hawk is represented: in it, the ancient Egyptians saw the god Horus, the god of the sun. Moreover, hawk mummies have been found in the Egyptian sepulchers.

The birds of prey are diurnal and nocturnal birds specialized in hunting their preys from the sky. They represent a wonderful product of evolution, perfectly adapted to their difficult tasks and an essential and vital element for the ecology of their environment.
The particular geographical position of Jenne, where forests alternate with more open vegetation areas and rocky formations, has offered shelter to many species, like the Buzzard or the Peregrine. Moreover, walking in the forest or in the countryside at night, it will not be difficult to here the call of the Tawny Owl and the Owl.
Opening times: Open from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 1.00 pm. For further information contact the Park Communication office, from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 am to 1.30 pm: +39 0774 827221. E-mail
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