The Itinerary of the Month - March

Looking for spring traces in the south-west of the Park. An itinerary for everyone between Treschietto and Apella in Upper Lunigiana

On foot         Great Interest: Flora Great Interest: Wildlife 
  • Arrival: Treschietto
  • Duration: From Treschietto to Compione: 1 hour and ten minutes. From Treschietto to Apella: 3 hours
  • Difference in height: 505m; difference in height from Treschietto to Compione 240m
  • Recommended Period: March

If you want to come out of the frost, we suggest to come to Lunigiana in March. Here snow has melted down, and the first crocuses can be seen in the meadows. You can walk freely, without any kind of equipment, among villages and chestnut groves, enjoying the view of the summits still covered with snow.
The Apennines, on the southern slope, go down steep up to the villages situated at about 500m of altitude. Climbing the ridge is something only athletes can do, but the trails connecting the country hamlets are easy and interesting: real treasure caskets of this land, where everything is authentic but covered by a thin stratum of dust making its discovery even more enthralling. "You are walking across a chestnut grove fenced in with sprung bed bases and you stumble in a statue-stele almost entirely covered with earth; castles, country churches, and humpback bridges emerge from the ivy covering them. It is Upper Lunigiana, a very cool and super spread land, a real rural paradise, a unique place, a frontier resisting to homologation and false modernity.

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