6 - Lama Lite - San Pellegrino in Alpe

This is a short hiking day with low gradients, accompanied by unforgettable views of the Apuan Alps.

  • Trail Conditions: On foot

Upon arrival the hiker is greet- ed by the serene beauty of the ancient hospice of San Pellegrino in Alpe.

From Lama Lite the hiker goes back on the ridge, walking along the rocky spurs of Mount Prado, with sweeping views of the upper Dolo valley, covered by the Abetina Reale forests. A gentle climb leads to the wide saddle of Bocca di Massa (1816 m), then the path descends along the scenic ridge that lowers at Forbici Pass, where it crosses the forest road that goes from Casone di Profecchia to the Abetina Reale sawmill, along the route of an ancient road. A nearby memorial stone recalls the eight partisans killed in action in August 1944. A path halfway up the mountainside leads to Giovarello Pass; here one leaves the ridge to descend along a paved mule track to the swampy valley of Maccherie, where the portico of a small refuge can provide temporary shelter. Shortly afterwards, one meets the road that climbs from Prati di San Geminiano, retracing the route of the ancient Via Bibulca; in the opposite direction the road quickly leads to Radici pass, which is the main crossing road between Emilia and Garfagnana, and where one can stay overnight if necessary. From the pass one can walk along the asphalt road that leads to San Pellegrino in Alpe, an ancient traveler and pilgrim hospice, less than two kilometres away. Alternatively, one can follow the Tuscan side path, leading to the village through moderate gradients. San Pellegrino is the highest permanently inhabited location in the entire northern Apennines and from up there the view over the Apuan Alps and Garfagnana is striking.

Further information

6 lap of: Alta Via dei Parchi

Accommodation: Albergo l'Appennino da Pacetto, Albergo Lunardi - L'Alpino

Mt. Prado
Mt. Prado
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