Grand Trail of Elba

  • Trail Conditions: On foot

    The Grand Trail of Elba (GTE) is the most meaningful itinerary in Elba's hiking network. It links together most of the island's paths, so as to observe its incredible geological, vegetational and morphological variety. 

    The trekking is ranked as "E" level (for expert hikers) and it bifurcates by Mt. Capanne, thus creating two routes: one goes from Cavo to Patresi (57.99 km, overall duration 24 hours 20 minutes); the other goes from Cavo to Pomonte (49.57 km, overall duration 19 hours 30 minutes). It is recommended to walk the trail in 4 sections: in this case, 8 kilometres have to be added to the overall length to link the towns and the points of departure and arrival of each section. 


    The two routes share the first three sections; the fourth depends on your final destination: 4A leads to Patresi, 4B to Pomonte.

    Further information
    Duration: 8 h 05 min
    Duration: 6 h 55 min
    Duration: 5 h
    Tappa 4 A: Poggio - Patresi
    Duration: 8 h 10 min
    Tappa 4 B: Poggio - Pomonte
    Duration: 4 h 40 min
    Grand Trail of Elba - Section 2
    Grand Trail of Elba - Section 2
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