GS 32 - Fiumara Amendolea

International Geological Site

The term Fiumara (Broad stream) is recognised by the international scientific community to describe an "ephemeral", unique watercourse, which forms under peculiar climatic, geological, lithological, geodynamic, hydrological, urban and anthropological conditions. The Fiumara dell'Amendolea, international geological site of the Aspromonte Geopark, included in Landscape 4 - Area Grecanica, represents the best example in the world for dimensions, morphology, impressiveness and typology of the active processes of erosion, transport and accumulation of sediments. In its catchment area (about 150 km2 with an average slope of 97%), other important geological sites stand out (such as, Great Colella landslide, "U Schicciu da Spana" waterfall, Rocca del Drako and Caldaie del Latte, ... ancient (Gallicianò,...) and/or abandoned (Roghudi,...) hamlets and other important elements of the environmental and cultural heritage of Aspromonte Geopark.

Location: Roccaforte del Greco, Condofuri Municipality: Condofuri (RC) Region: Calabria
(42419)Fiumara Amendolea
Fiumara Amendolea
(42821)Amendolea Broad stream
Amendolea Broad stream
(42338)Photo 1. Amendolea Broad stream at sunset
Photo 1. Amendolea Broad stream at sunset
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