Its aim is to identify the critical points and the priorities of intervention

(Manarola , 30 Mag 18) The Project for Protecting the Marine and Coastal Environment (PTAMC) of Liguria - Department for Environment, infrastructures and transports, coastal Ecosystem sector aims at improving the coastal environmental quality by balancing the littoral area, stabilising the high coast, improving water coastal quality, protecting and enhancing marine and coastal environments.

Between 2018 and 2019, the Region forecasts to launch the Plan for the coastal area of Spezzino that will include the fact-finding scheme of its high coast conditions and the erosive level of its shores, the evolutionary trend and its associated level of risk, as well as a focus on the coastal safeguard works and their effectiveness. 

Basing on this information and on the figures connected with weather and marine conditions and evolutions, the PTAMC will identify the priorities of intervention and the actions to undertake so as to protect the environment.

The meeting with the Municipalities, the Region, Arpal and other specific authorities represents an opportunity to collect recommendations and contributions from the local entities and to lay the foundations of the Plan. PTAMC will be drawn up in the field of MAREGOT - Coastal risk erosion management and cross-border actions - the transboundary project launched in 2017 in Liguria, Tuscany, Sardinia, PACA and Corsica. The project aims at improving knowledge and monitoring systems on coastal erosion, both natural and man-induced, in order to define strategies and intervention plans for an effective, shared management of the coast, respecting the specific characteristics of each territory.

At the meeting, held in the headquarters of the Province of La Spezia, have attended: Ilaria Fasce, head of the Department for Environment, infrastructures and transports of the Region Liguria, the geologist Carlo Cavallo, the biologist Stefano Coppo, both experts of the Region coastal Ecosystem sector, Patrizio Scarpellini, director of the Cinque Terre Park, Apal, Liguria Ricerche and the delegates of the involved municipalities.

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