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The path remains closed following the union order of the Municipality of Vernazza no. 73 of 28.10.2018 for interventions so as to reduce its risk and to restore its practicability
(Manarola - Sede Parco Cinque Terre, 19 Apr 19) Here is the list of the ongoing interventions by the Municipality of Vernazza, supported by Cinque Terre National Park, with Managerial Resolution no. 48 29.01.2019 concerning the ‘Assignement of the contribution to the Municipalities of Vernazza and Levanto for risk reduction measures along t...
Rock removal - detail
Rock removal - detail
How to join the "Cinque Terre"Channel on Telegram.
(Manarola - Sede-, 27 Set 18) The Park has launched its Telegram channel. It is now possible to join the "Cinque Terre" channel, where the most important news will be published in real time. It will be possible to receive notifications on weather warnings, situation of the trail network, meetings and, above all, institutional n...
The Park on Telegram
The Park and the Foresters suggest not to leave the marked trail
(Manarola - Sede, 14 Set 18) Here are the rules of the Foresters and of the Park for a proper use of the trail network, frequented by many Italian and foreign tourists, with similar characterists to mountain trails Evocative and extraordinary, the Cinque Terre Park is like that. And it is known above all through its various pa...
Hikers' Vademecum
Tuesday, August, 21, starting at 9.30 am, sea cleaning of Monterosso Marine Protected Areas.
(Manarola - Sede Parco Cinque Terre, 20 Ago 18) The vessel, used for the collection and stowage of floating litter and supplied to Marine Protected Areas, continues its journey in stages in the Cinque Terre hamlets to collect waste, especially the bulkiest, and then dispose of it in a correct manner. Wednesday 8 and Thusday 9 August, starti...
Sea cleaning Riomaggiore 2017
Sea cleaning Riomaggiore 2017
(Manarola - Sede -, 13 Ago 18) In recent days, in Levanto, the Director of the Cinque Terre National Park Patrizio Scarpellini met with Marshal Sergio Petruzzello, Levanto Maritime local Commissioner, expressing appreciation for the surveillance activity carried out to protect the Protected Marine Area. The Director of the Natio...
The Region of Liguria with Executive Decree no 589 of 02/08/2018 declared THE STATE OF SERIOUS DANGER FOR FOREST FIRES on the whole Ligurian territory
(Manarola - Sede Parco Cinque Terre, 11 Ago 18) From 00:01 of 04/08/2018...
State of serious danger for forest fires
State of serious danger for forest fires
Arpal, today a slight drop in temperatures but the heat increases
(Manarola - Sede-, 06 Ago 18) No sign of decreasing the heat wave on Liguria: Arpal reports the minimum temperature on 30°C in Alassio (Savona) and a percentage of humidity equal to 70% in Genoa, while at 10.30 am yesterday in Monterosso, in 5 Terre, temperature reached 35.4 degrees. The heat wave, according to the Arpal for...
Warm, attention to the heat wave.
From the Press Agency of the Ligurian Regional Council
(Genova, 26 Lug 18) Assigned the executive planning and confirmed for a total of 12 million euros of fundings (5 already allocated, 7 confirmed today) for the works of Via dell'Amore, the panoramic path overlooking the sea that links Manarola to Riomaggiore, closed from 2012 due to a landslide. Further information (in...
Sunday 29 July 2018 from 08.45am to 12pm, the new Trekking that combines fitness and ecology.
(Manarola - Sede, 26 Lug 18) What is Plogging? It is a new trend that combines ecology and fitness. Plogging, a Swedish word formed by 'pick up' and 'run', is an activity in which you could run or walk collecting small abandoned waste along the path. Itinerary. Transfer by bus to the hamlet of Volastra. The departure from the ...
Plogging along paths. Manarola - Volastra
From 21st July to 15th September, local and internationally renowned artists will perform for the musical review organized by the Cesar Franck Association, born to enhance the Cinque Terre heritage.
(Riomaggiore, 11 Lug 18) Further information (in Italian)...
Artists of the XXXVII Cinque Terre International Music Festival
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