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The local gastronomic tradition is linked to the wild or half-wild cattle breeding (but also sheep and goat breeding), the main economic activity until the second post-war period.
Cheese, meat, and salami are the most important products among the "Park tastes". Unfortunately, summer grazing land cheese producers are increasingly fewer; however, with considerable investments, the Park has renovated five malghe, relaunching their cheese production.
There are several mountain honey producers, while old famers - and some young farmers fond of their land - cultivate legumes (like the famous Lamon bean), ancient apple varieties, barley, spelt, walnuts, and Feltre chestnuts.

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Lamon Bean
Lamon Bean
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A characteristic sweet of Veneto made with short pastry, Fregolotta has been reinterpreted by Garbujo's, who enriched it with Feltre walnuts. The result is a crunchy small cake, with a delicate but at the same time intense taste.
Category: Sweets
Sweet Polentina
In the past, when wealth was not widespread, in every household of Feltre you could find local products: corn meal, hazelnuts coming from the house garden, butter. Today, Pasticceria Garbujo prepares with the same ingredients the so-called Polentina,...
Category: Sweets
In the past, our grandmas used to prepare these biscuits with the few ingredients at their disposal to make their grandchildren happy. Corn meal, raisins, and almonds are the main ingredients of this recipe.
Category: Sweets
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