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Salsiccia Matta Ciavar and Sambudello Casentinese

Salsiccia Matta Ciavar and Sambudello Casentinese
Salsiccia matta or "ciavar"

Salsiccia matta, also called ciavar, and sambudello casentinese share the same features of the other products obtained from the pig. Nothing gets wasted of this useful animal; everything must be used, and the most skilled butchers have always been able to obtain delicious products from the careful "division" of the meat. The history of these sausages is told by the old inhabitants of the valleys of Romagna, and these products still preserve the virtues of the territory and its generous people. The technique and the ingredients of the two sausages are similar, only the dressing and the consumption change.
They are both obtained from the processing of the less valuable pork meat, that is tounge, heart, jowl, and the entrails coming from the boning of the head (in sambudello casentinese also the lungs); they get minced and patiently mixed with salt and pepper, a lot of garlic, good Sangiovese wine in the case of ciavar and wild fennel in the case of sambudello casentinese. This mixture is then put into natural bowels and is ready for consumption after a few days.

Current Production Area in the Park
Salsiccia matta: Bagno di Romagna, Portico-San Benedetto, Santa Sofia.
Sambudello casentinese: Bibbiena, Chiusi della Verna, Poppi, Pratovecchio, Stia.

Ciavar looks like a sausage; however, it has a different color which changes according to the meat used, and it can be more or less dark. This product is usually eaten when it is fresh and grilled, but it can also be seasoned or preserved in oil.
Sambudello casentinese is eaten after a few days from its preparation and is usually eaten cooked together with beans or potatoes.

Product Seasonality
All year round.

The Producers
  Macelleria Camillini Orietta di Capanni Claudio
Butcher's Shops - San Piero in Bagno (FC)
  Azienda Agricola Le Selve di Vallolmo
Agricultural Holdings - Pratovecchio (AR)
  Macelleria del Viale sas di Zanchini Barbara
Butcher's Shops - Santa Sofia (FC)
  Macelleria Simone
Butcher's Shops - Santa Sofia (FC)
  Macelleria Gino Rossi
Butcher's Shops - Poppi (AR)
  Aldo Orlandi
Others - Pratovecchio (AR)
  Marcello Orlandi
Butcher's Shops - Pratovecchio (AR)

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